Mountain Inn with Tradition in the Antholz Valley

Historic Atmosphere

In our traditional parlor, which is under heritage protection, you can admire a special gem of Tyrolean woodcarving art along with a tiled stove.

A Little Journey into the Past

The parlor from the year 1835 has preserved its unique beauty and provides the perfect setting for enjoyable hours. The lovingly maintained paneling and the rustic charm of our parlor invite you to linger.


Bruggerwirt: The name is likely linked to Ruprecht Rieder, owner of the Mitterbrugger estate (also known as Brugger) and proprietor of the inn at Angermann, which gave the place its name. 1650. From the large Moosanger, it can be inferred that Brugger is one of the oldest houses in the "Gasse". Originally, it was just a small house partly built of wood, which was gradually enlarged and raised by one floor.

The first guesthouse was located in the old parlor, on the ground floor, which one had to descend a few steps (from the path) to reach. The current parlor is under monument protection due to the twelve apostles painted on the ancient paneling. Perhaps Brugger was the "inn at Angermann" mentioned in an old document. Around 1750, Jakob Meßner was the Rieder and Bruggerwirt.

Later, the house saw a succession of owners: around 1780 Arnold (von Nasen), in 1838 Unteregger, in 1860 Steinkasserer; in 1894 Simon Niederkofler (son of Bachler) purchased the property. He rose from being a simple worker to one of the most respected men in the valley. He expanded the farm by acquiring land, including the Stalleralm, and as a timber trader, he also became a co-owner of a sawmill.

These details are taken from the "Dorfbuch Antholz" by Hubert Müller and outline the history of Bruggerwirt up to the end of the 20th century. The following information describes the continuation and recent developments since then:

Since then, the farm has been owned by the Niederkofler family. Wilhelm Niederkofler, the son, took over the farm with all its associated properties. In 1963, the guesthouse was expanded with a spacious addition. After Wilhelm Niederkofler's death, his children and wife Maria Niederkofler continued to run the inn and the farm until Simon Niederkofler took over. In the mid-1990s, he met his future wife Adriana Rancan, after which the house was renovated while retaining the traditional style. Since 2016, Adriana Rancan and her daughter Michela Niederkofler have been running the inn.

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